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werner kaffl

Photographer & Artist – Story by Tony Cutting

I discovered Werner’s beautiful photography while researching Facebook on Wellington based photographers for my Wellington Today project.  After starting to work with Werner based on some Facebook messages we finally met and I got to know more about this talented man.

Werner has an infectious smile and laid back approach which makes him very easy to talk with and listen to. He generously allowed me to ask some questions about his journey and career so that we could share his story with our Wellington Today and JobCafe readers.

Here is his story - Art meets Photography


In the beginning....
Born in Munich (1965) the son of a master electrician Werner was raised in community flats (8 Story buildings) where everyone knew each other and looked after each other.  He attended his local school in Taufkichen is a small community south of Munich, near Oberhaching and Unterhaching in southern Germany. 

Both his mum and dad were amateur photographers and along with their creative influence during his early years he developed a passion in art and technology.  

He initially followed in his father’s footsteps graduating from high school at seventeen years old and starting a career as an apprentice electrician.  This would be his occupation for the next thirteen years until an opportunity to use his technology skills led him into an information technology career as a systems engineer.  Throughout this time art and photography still played a major part in Werner’s personal life.

His skills led him developed into a senior engineering role with Virgin Records, Germany (circa 2000) which became EMI records after an acquisition a couple of years later.  A redundancy led Werner to start contracting and for the next few years (while still developing his photography skills) he used his IT skills working mainly for legal firms around Munich.

It was 2003, he was now with a partner who had two children from a previous marriage.  Facebook was starting to make it easier for Werner to share his photography talent with friends and family.  He wanted to travel and New Zealand was high on his radar as a place he thought he would enjoy.  After a few years and saving what he could he finally decided to make his move. His partner opted to stay in Germany – subsequently getting back with her previous husband. 

Coming to New Zealand
It was 2010 and with a tourist visa Werner left for New Zealand.  With both his electrical and computer skills Werner felt confident he would meet eligibility to work in New Zealand.

He continued to develop his photography skills and started to really explore how he could add his artist talent to this work.
His first kiwi job was with SMSS, second with Electricity Authority and most recent with Lantech (Computer Company).  After successfully starting this job he decided it was time to invest in a DSL art camera, over the next few years really started to increase his knowledge of different cameras and what they were capable of.

His photography was still a part time passion however he started to get a following and invitations to exhibit his work at exhibitions around Wellington.

The leap of faith
June 2016 – Werner fully committed to building on his passion for Photography and launched his company and a full time photography career.  He is still exploring his talent but has started to develop his reputation as an accomplished artistic photographer with his own unique (and beautiful) style.  In terms of markets his approach will suit many people whether it be for stunning landscape, personal photography, product photography or storytelling.

Werner likes to meet clients first and get to know them and what they want, he will then share ideas and work closely with you to produce something wonderful that has the difference to help make the project stand out from the crowd.


You can contact Werner either by email werner.kaffl@gmail.com or mobile 022 0322955
Web: http://www.wernerkaffl.com/