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Come on our journey of reaching out and touching souls through music.

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tim L brown

Creator - The Phonic Posse


Tim created the Phonic Posse.  Tim a musician with a passion for helping others and a family full of talent. Started to discover other local muscians who would be keen to collaborate.  The Phonic Posse was born.


In the cool 80's, the creators of the original "The Phonic Posse" belonged to a large collective of musicians in the UK. These talented people neither belonged to any one band or tied themselves to one label. They were a posse of individuals that freelanced their skills as session musicians,singers, song writers on a project by project basis. This allowed them the flexibility to move within the music industry, to play with some high profile artists and become better rounded performers.


Our Vision is to connect souls through music.


We will achieve our vision by:

a) providing a bespoke professional entertainment service..

b) mentoring young and budding local talent into a industry that is riddled with obstacles and difficulties.

c) supporting charitable community organisations.

d) supporting local small businesses.

Here finally in Aotearoa, we have a portal that serves many sides of the spectrum. For the musician, you can gain exposure, experience, and knowledge and for the client's (Cafe's, Festivals, Concerts etc...) you have a service that will assemble musicians to meet your needs and finally support the many battling community organisations.

Core Values:

The posse is guided by a set of all embracing core values.

Manaakitanga - The process of showing respect, generosity and care for others.    Whanaungatanga - A relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides us with a sense of belonging.