the kiwi business network

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller


To create New Zealand's number one Business Network and Marketing Collective where Kiwi Business owners can meet, learn, colloborate, and form strong relationships locally and/or across the country.


Each project includes a region where we are developing a strong digital marketplace for members as well as encouraging them to form partnerships and collectively market each others businesses, creating a very powerful and affordable marketing system. 

Where a region is not represented businesses will be promoted through JobCafe. 

All members have an opportunity to be promoted through all projects.


  • Built a number of local networks around New Zealand which continue to grow every month.

  • Developed a unique "mastermind" group in each region we work in, that helps develop the business members marketing knowledge.

  • Built a strong social media presence in the markets we work in which provide added value and a affordable advertising platform for all members.

  • Attracted some of New Zealand's most exciting people and businesses to our membership.

  • Built a diverse group of people and businesses from many very different industries, which provides our groups with a great source of diverse knowledge to share.

  • Grown a high 'hit' regional website network that increases our members website rankings the moment they get listed on these sites.

  • Developed a truly Kiwi solution driven by Kiwi's with a genuine interest in helping and growing each others businesses.

The Kiwi Business Network (KBN) is our project to help promote“Kiwi” owned businesses.   Businesses either join the Kiwi Business Network directly or become members through our partner projects listed below.

How it works

The Kiwi Business Network is made up of regional projects run by partners who facilitate meetings and recruit locally owned businesses to join the network.


A project is established to help Kiwi owned businesses grow, 

The cost to join the network is $250+GST per annum and benefits include

  • A comprehensive digital marketing presence on a regional website

  • Monthly advertising through the regional Facebook page & Twitter account

  • Ability to advertise through other Kiwi Business Network projects e.g. other projects (Affordable advertising rates apply)

  • Membership of the Kiwi Business Network Facebook Group (For networking and advertising purposes)


Our networks

Kapiti Now Logo high res-02.jpg

kapiti now

Our first pilot programme.  Kapiti Now is a business network and marketing collective.  The group of businesses involved with this project have built a high value digital marketplace that helps to promote their businesses within the Kapiti Community.  The project includes providing digital marketing support for the local community.

Canterbury DN logo.jpg


We are currently establishing a digital marketing presence in the Canterbury region.  The next stage will be to recruit business members and setup the regional website.

akl 101.jpg

auckland 101

Auckland 101 is a project to promote all Kiwi owned businesses in the greater Auckland region.  The membership is growing and meetups have started in this region.  The marketplace is gaining great momentum and as well as featuring our business members this project also promotes community organisations and events in this region.

Taranaki Today website logo.jpg

Taranaki Today

We are currently establishing the Taranaki Today marketplace.  Over the following months this project we secure partners and start building our Taranaki networking group.

Hutt Valley Today logo.jpg

Hutt Valley Today

Rounding off our Wellington business betworks Hutt Valley Today is currently under construction.

WTN Today Logo 1.jpg

wellington today

Wellington Today has already established a significant digital marketplace.  Members of this group meet each month. The project includes providing digital marketing support for the wider Wellington regional community.

Mana Today logo.jpg

Mana Today

Helping to build onto our strong Wellington presence is our network across the northern suburbs of Porirua City.

Waikato Today logo ver 1.jpg


Our network being established across the Waikato Region. This network is currently under construction.


Join the Kiwi Business Network

Our goal is to work with network partners across New Zealand. If you would like to join an existing Kiwi Business Network or help start a network in your region please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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