YES, Build your online footprint!

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It has never been a more important time to develop an online footprint.

Whether you’re looking for business or looking for that next job you need to understand that being accessible online is becoming more and more crucial each day.  Most business people have understood this for a number of years, unfortunately for them, many business people fail to execute a decent online footprint.  These are the same people who talk about market downturns while their competitors who are taking advantage of the exposure and reach the online world provides us.  I also laugh at the number of business people who proudly say that get all their business from referrals, yet when you dig a little deeper they just don’t understand how to make the digital world work for them.

In terms of people who would rather be employed than take the ‘Risk’ of being self-employed or building a business.  Building your online presence is also extremely important.


The why? for people who want to be kept in mind for new employment opportunities is simple.  More and more employers & recruiters are using digital to search for, research and validate people they may wish to approach for an opportunity.  With websites like LinkedIn now dominating as online ‘talent pools’ or ‘marketplaces’ finding great people from all over the globe has just got easier.  Although we still apply for many jobs, over the next ten years I am picking that practice of advertising jobs is going to decline and search is going to increase.

Why? Because advertising creates more work and takes a lot longer especially when you can go online, and cherry-pick the talent you want, while also checking them out before you approach them.

LinkedIn is a must if you are serious about your career.  You also won’t be throwing away your CV and not applying for jobs yet.  However, there is something else looming that is even better than LinkedIn.  The web itself.  By either building your own personal website or working with someone like me through we can help you create an online footprint that anyone using Google (or any other search engine) can use to find you.  Unlike LinkedIn which requires you to be connected, invest a load of time building connections, doesn’t make sense to build an online profile which can be accessed easily.

Your personal online presence can be designed in such a way to make it really easy for that star employer to find you and all the details they need to validate you.  The easy it is for this to happen the better chance everyone has to make a connection. Simple. Advantage you.

As for contractors and business people, the same thing applies.  Build a responsive profile will help you win more business.  People do business with people so take advantage of the fact. Using blogs, write guests posts, articles thus improve your personal web ranking, your profile may just be the site that next client hits before checking out all your services on that business website you invested on years ago.

I set up Tony Cutting Digital to help both business people and those who would rather work for someone else take full advantage of what is happening online.

The world is so connected and the impossible is becoming more possible every day.  Why reduce your chances of landing that dream job? or unlikely business lead?


Hope you found this helpful.




Have a great day

Tony C
Personal Coach/Digital Marketing Expert

PAs crucial to successful businesses and organisations

Kaytee Boyd

Kaytee Boyd

A New Zealand business leader has come in to bat for many unsung personal assistants (PAs), just weeks out from the annual New Zealand Office and PA Show.  

Most chief executives of businesses and big organisations cannot achieve their goals while battling full diaries, deluge of emails and requests for their time without their personal assistant, Boyd Clinic chief executive Kaytee Boyd says.

She would rather leave her right arm at home, than face a day without her personal assistant (PA).

Boyd is a guest speaker at the second annual Office and PA Show at Auckland on September 19 and 20. The event will provide key training and upskilling for people who attend the conference.

Other speakers include Brian Mosteller, former special assistant to US President Barack Obama and Donna Coulling, who is PA to UK actors such as Helena Bonham Carter and Rachel Weisz.

Boyd says PAs take away some of the angst and time associated with diary and email management, and other tasks that seem to miraculously get done.

“That allows me to keep a clear head and focus on my clients and enables me to do the best by them.  I would simply drown, if I had to juggle patient and client care with all the amazing things my PA does to free up my day.  Mine is my lifeline and lifesaver, daily. 

 “If I didn’t have a super PA, I simply wouldn’t have the time or headspace to give my clients and patients my 100 percent focus which would undermine the core focus and purpose of my business, not to mention compromise my personal values at the same time. 

“My business and personnel are structured to enable me to put my clients and patients first.  That’s a non-negotiable for me.

“PAs and executive assistants (EAs) are at the heart of organisations, working side-by-side with chief executives and leaders, playing a key role in supporting decisions. Aside from the day to day lightening of the admin load, so allowing leaders to focus on their clients and core business, a good PA invariably has a strong working knowledge of the intricacies of the business and the key stakeholders and suppliers. 

“They can therefore smooth the path to a successful meeting or business negotiation, particularly as most PAs I know are so awesome at building relationships and winning people over.  They see so much of what goes on, by working so closely with management, so can often add great insight, and provide an interesting point of challenge. 

“PAs are now relied on to do so much more, and contribute to a much greater degree, than the routine clerical nature of the role in the past.”

Boyd says the value a good PA can bring to a business simply cannot be underestimated. 



- Make Lemonade

People do business with people.

Most business owners these days, understand the importance of a digital presence including social media and a strong website to be integral parts of their marketing strategy and success.

But what is more important these days is getting your customers to know YOU!

It is also often the best strategy to name a business after the owner.  Some will find that a bridge too far.

This also means understanding what it is to build your personal brand.  The same goes if you are looking to build your career, to get noticed you need to take the appropriate steps.

I always advise clients to get professional photos (portraits) and if you live where I do we have some excellent photographers who can help.  I have recently worked with the very talented Karolina Stus (Images examples below)

Business portrait (002).jpg

Once you have your professional portrait up and online, often this will become the first contact people have with you, especially when we rely so heavily on our digital/social media presence these days. This helps create a personal association that many people want when making decisions about who to work with.

Of course, it also means being a lot more responsible with your personal image and you will have to be aware of what this means for both your personal social media accounts and professional ones.  This is a risk some people are not willing to take but if you truly want to succeed in your career or business, this is a great step, to get you going in the right direction.

I am fully aware that the prospect of being in front of the camera can be a daunting thought ( I personally find it very challenging). But don’t let that deter you from taking the steps needed to create a presence that reflects who you are either as a business owner or the perfect candidate for that next career move.

About that 'Selfie' we all know that, while it may be a great photo of you, you definitely need something more professional to promote yourself.  That is when you go ahead and take the plunge into letting a professional get to know you and create images that work to promote you, (your business) and your personal brand!  It is more than just a great photo.

As well as images you need a plan, written values and to fully understand the steps you are taking, which will include seeking some good advice.  That is where a personal coach can help.  Once you get your head around this, you will start to see how powerful personal branding can really be.


Hope you found this helpful

Tony Cutting
Personal Coach
M. +64 21 911 722

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Digital principles set up to help NZ businesses evolve

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David Kennedy

The digital revolution that has begun will change, redefine and disrupt almost every sector across the country, New Zealand Techleaders chair David Kennedy says.

Techleaders today released a set of digital principles to support New Zealand’s transformation into a more digitally competitive nation by helping Kiwi businesses and government agencies commit to digital transformation.

The TechLeaders executive was formed late last year because New Zealand, like every other country, is facing unprecedented change driven by rapidly advancing technologies.

Tech leaders are a group of New Zealand tech, digital and ICT focused senior executives from some of New Zealand’s biggest and most influential organisations.

Kennedy says the digital principles are vital for the country’s future prosperity and by coordinating the digital transformation, they can turn the challenges into advantages for New Zealand.

“All business, from large corporations and government agencies, through to small and medium firms throughout New Zealand, will at some stage in the next few years undergo a digital transformation as rapidly advancing digital technologies drive changes in the way our organisations work.

“In many cases these digital technologies will make organisations much more efficient and productive, however there is also risk that these changes will impact people’s jobs.

“Many people will quite quickly find that they don’t have necessary skills for a digital workplace, while at the same time there is a growing shortage of digitally skilled employees. Businesses must realise that the solution is to take a planned approach to these changes and help their employees develop the skills that the organisation will need in the coming years.

“We must start now, the prosperity of New Zealand will be linked to how well our organisations embrace a digital future, and how well they go through digital transformation.

“Kiwis are great at solving problems in new and innovative ways, so we will foster our creativity and amplify this cultural advantage by constantly trying new things in our organisations to rise to digital opportunities.

“Every day we will ask ourselves how we can adapt and think differently. We will foster the working habits, approach and mind-set which allows new thinking to flourish, identifies opportunities, and tests ideas to improve ourselves and our environment every day.

“The digital revolution will create new jobs that will require different skills and ways of thinking. For New Zealand to meet this demand at the scale required, we need to be adaptive and flexible in our approach by creating a culture where everyone, at all levels is continually learning,” Kennedy says.


- Make Lemonade


Build your personal brand to succeed

Kia ora Koutou

I live in New Zealand and people here generally do not like to promote themselves.  We like to be humble and there really is quite a tall poppy syndrome that goes on here.

Unfortunately, the world is changing so rapidly us Kiwi’s just need to start getting over it.  That does not mean we cannot be humble as you choose your brand and how you want to be seen, but it does mean putting yourself out there whether you like it or not.

The BIG game changer has obviously been social media which is creating more superstars every day than any other medium on the planet.

So whether you just want to snag your first job, or grow your career or accelerate the growth of your business, you will need to start thinking about building your PERSONAL brand.  Yes, you can build your business brand, but things will start accelerating when you realise it is your personal brandeveryone is really interested in.

Yes, you can also choose to stay out of this game (and it is just that – a game, so have FUN).  Many people will make it big without social media.  However, thousands if not millions of people just like you will achieve their dreams much quicker by jumping in the deep end and going for it.

Where to start?

A great resource which will either inspire you or not is the book Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk.  The time to grab this book is now as you can download an audio copy for FREE from Amazon.  Once you have listened to this you may be like me and order the physical version and start using it to help you understand the nuances of the major platforms available to you today.

Secondly, signup to at least Facebook and Instagram and just start using them.

And finally, if you want support from a personal coach to guide you through getting started with either building your first resume or developing your career plan and/or build your dream business – contact me.

Nga mihi

Tony Cutting
Personal Coach, Personal Digital Marketing Consultant.