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The Diabetes Clinic uses a proven approach to reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes naturally.

Our team is made up on both Medical staff and Natural Health Professionals. We are launching our online clinic on 18th April 2019. The cost of the clinic core programme will be $NZ790 and provides a comprehensive programme to help our clients for up to six months. This price has only been achieved by taking our programme online. There will be additional options for those who may need further help beyond six months

We have decided to provide the first 100 people to register (and pay for the core programme) a onetime only discount of $100 making the cost of our clinic $690 for these first 100 people.

While these clients are waiting for the online clinic to launch, we will start the process of helping them prepare for the clinic using an exclusive Facebook group which will be managed and supported by our Health Coaching team.

The process to register for the clinic is as follows
Email or message us via with your email and contact phone details.

A Diabetes Clinic Health Coach will contact you and check our programme is right for you*

Provided you are accepted into the programme, you will be sent an invoice for immediate payment to secure the discount.

Once payment is received, we will confirm your membership and invite you to join our exclusive Facebook Group which will start the process of reversing your condition preparing you for the online clinic.

On the 18 April 2019, the online clinic will launch, and you will be automatically added into the system where you can start the core programme. For many, this will be all you need to reverse your condition.

• Anyone under 18 years 
• Anyone pregnant or breastfeeding (if you fall pregnant, we will hold the programme open for you in future) 
• Anyone who is underweight, undernourished 
• Anyone who has a fraught relationship with food, past or present (Please talk to us)
• Anyone currently dependent on insulin injections over 75 iU within a 24-hour period. (There is a pre-programme option for this situation).
• Anyone with type-1 diabetes, or type 2 diabetes with known pancreatic failure 
• Anyone on complex medicines (Please talk to us)
• Anyone on treatment for current serious mental health issues (Please talk to us)
Should you not be suitable for the programme our Health Coaches will provide what advice they can to help you.

For more information on our programme visit our website or follow us on Facebook at

First female carpenter from Pacific Trades Partnership begins education in New Zealand

Samoan High Commissioner His Excellency Leasi Papali'i Tommy Scanlan. and Ma'aola Fiupepe (002).JPG

Ma’aola Fiupepe is starting an exciting new chapter; she has just arrived in New Zealand from Samoa to start using her Ara scholarship for the Centre of Assessment of Prior Learning (CAPL), so that in a year’s time she will have a New Zealand carpentry qualification.

Ma’aola was officially welcomed to Ara Institute of Canterbury last week on Friday 8 Feb, at the Trades campus in Woolston, where a lunch was held to celebrate her achievement in being the first female carpenter from the Pacific Trades Partnership (PTP), facilitated by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The visit began with a tour of the campus followed by an official welcome with speeches from Matt Hoskin Migrant Attraction Manager from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), Janice McNab General Manager at Tradestaff, Dave Dixon Manager of CAPL at Ara and the Samoan High Commissioner, His Excellency Leasi Papali'i Tommy Scanlan.

By going through the CAPL assessment process Ma’aola’s work experience will be credited towards the New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry. Ma’aola’s employer Tradestaff have also awarded her the Sally Macfarlane Legacy Scholarship for Pacific Women in Trades and are supporting her with equipment, tools, additional training costs and pastoral care.

Ma’aola started working as a carpenter in 2013, completed her Certificate III in Carpentry at the APTC in Samoa and she is now looking forward to gaining a New Zealand qualification and further experience.
“In Samoa it’s different from here. Sometimes we use the wrong tools because we don’t have the money to buy tools. But I’m looking forward to using the correct tools and a wider range here,” Ma’aola says.

In 2018, following a successful pilot programme, Ara was contracted by MBIE to oversee skills assessments of tradespeople in the Pacific Islands so that workers could be recruited to come to Christchurch. There have been 42 job offers from the Pacific Trades Partnership to date for workers to come to New Zealand.

Dixon said he is pleased to see Ma’aola starting a whole new learning journey. “We’re proud to be involved. It’s absolutely brilliant to have the first female carpenter coming from the Pacific Trades Partnership in Samoa.”

H.E Leasi Papali'i Tommy Scanlan said, “In Samoa carpentry and trades are mainly for the boys. Parents don’t encourage their girls to do that. But Ma’aola and other young women are going outside the box. They’ve decided that if the boys can do it, they can do it.”

He encouraged Ma’aola to look into other trades and developing management skills while she’s in New Zealand so that one day she might be able to start her own business.


Neuroscience learning tool will enhance student achievement

Louise Karwowski from UK-based company CognAssist was at Ara to train Learning Advisors to use the new framework to further support students with learning challenges.

Louise Karwowski from UK-based company CognAssist was at Ara to train Learning Advisors to use the new framework to further support students with learning challenges.

Having a learning challenge need not be a barrier to study success. Ara Learning Advisors have helped hundreds of students to develop strategies for overcoming their individual challenges. Now the institute is the first in New Zealand to adopt an innovative framework for assessing and addressing learning challenges to ensure every student has the tools to finish their qualification and achieve their employment goals.  

CognAssist is a UK-based organisation established to make the world a more inclusive place by identifying and supporting neurodiverse learners with innovative coping strategies. Founder and CEO Chris Quickfall overcame his own challenges with dyslexia to complete a Mechanical Engineering degree and is passionate about supporting others to succeed too.

 The company’s Head of Client Experience Louise Karwowski is in Christchurch to train Ara’s Learning Advisors to use CognAssist.

“This is a first for New Zealand and a massive opportunity for learners at Ara. Everyone thinks and learns differently and we have seen many learners who had a tough time in education flourish with CognAssist tools.”  

The 30 minute assessment investigates eight cognitive domains that affect thinking and learning. If a learning need is identified, the student receives access to specific CognAssist strategies, which are presented as animations, videos and interactive exercises, and accessed on a computer, mobile phone or tablet at the rate of one per week.  

Each strategy takes up to five minutes to complete and is accompanied with tools to practice in daily life.

 New awareness and understanding of individual neuroscience can lead to life changing improvements.


“For example, you have a student who is always late. You could become frustrated and conclude that that student is just not motivated. Through CognAssist, however, you discover that the student has a problem with executive functioning, or being able to manage and organise themselves effectively.”

CognAssist Resources_Learner (002).jpg

“They have a learning challenge and they might not even know it. CognAssist offers strategies to support the student’s learning and achievement. For the executive function domain for example, using calendars, using checklists, sticking to fixed routines and prioritising tasks can make a huge difference.”

Karwowski was completing a PhD in theoretical chemistry at Manchester University when she began supporting students with learning challenges and discovered a passion for making a difference for those who were struggling with their learning. 

“Initially it came as a surprise to us when we got feedback that CognAssist was not just leading to success in learning but was changing peoples’ lives. People who have always been stressed about learning can now find ways to make it easier to learn and are more confident in themselves.”

Karwowski was impressed with the calibre of knowledge about learning challenges at Ara. “I am delighted that the Ara team now has a sophisticated framework for assessing learners and providing strategies for coping with learning challenges. CognAssist will be a valuable supplementary tool in the advisors’ toolkits to support students even more effectively and to add to the fantastic work they are already doing to support Ara students.”


Defence Force photographer finishes on a high at Ara

Sean Spivey.jpg

Army sniper turned photographer Sean Spivey is the first recipient of the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association (AIPA) Assistant Scholarship.

Awarded to a final year Bachelor of Design (Photography) student at Ara, the scholarship recipient is one Ara photography tutors believe most likely to become a professional commercial photographer in the future.

Sean has already ticked that box. He started taking photos during his eight years with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) Infantry and, realising that he wanted to take photos full time, he made a case for the army to enroll him at Ara.

“I thought I could do more as a photographer for the army than I could as a grunt,” he said. “When I was crawling around in the dirt, I thought ‘someone should be photographing this’. It is such an important job. We work so hard. It is really important that general public sees the behind-the-scenes hard work that goes into it for New Zealand, otherwise you only see the bad stuff in the media.”

Sean was originally inspired by the great war photographers. “That’s where it all started – seeing those images and knowing I could be that person.”

However, his inside knowledge of NZDF will gave him a distinct advantage. “Because I went through the infantry ranks I can provide a fresh look, and a new point of view, and get right in there amongst it all, without compromising safety.”

The military life made Sean a disciplined student at Ara. Now a graduate of the degree, Sean has no student debt and a bright future ahead.

Based in Rolleston, Sean will transfer to the Air Force next year and continue to travel around the world; “where ever the guys go, a photographer will need to go with them, even to Antarctica, anywhere they are deployed”.

AIPA Executive Director Aaron K awarded the scholarship to Sean this week at Lightworkx Studio. Sean now has three months of mentoring with an AIPA member, camera equipment and access to the AIPA Assistant Training Workshop.

“Provides me an opportunity to further my skills, that’s the way I look at it, and provide more to Defence as a photographer, plus all the valuable stuff you get from being with other photographers.”


600 school students find pathways to success

Dan Bublik (L) from Shirley Boy’s High School and Alok Chander from Christchurch Boy’s High School study Digital Technologies at school thanks to Ara.

Dan Bublik (L) from Shirley Boy’s High School and Alok Chander from Christchurch Boy’s High School study Digital Technologies at school thanks to Ara.

Ara is working closely with over 50 secondary schools across the region, stretching from Oamaru to Kaikoura, to supplement school subject choices through the Dual Pathway programme.   

The Dual Pathway portfolio contains a range of part time, skills-based courses that offer students alternatives to what is provided at their school. By giving students the option to study specific areas that they are passionate about, it allows them to stay in school while still working towards their career goals.  

“When I came to New Zealand two years ago I couldn’t find anything similar offered [in technology], so I was grateful when I got the opportunity to join the Digital Technologies course,” Alok Chander, a year 13 student from Christchurch Boys’ High School, says. 

Courses offered range from Business Studies, Trade Skills and Hospitality to Digital Technologies and Engineering (a full list of courses is available here). All courses lead into tertiary qualifications to further develop the skills required for specific careers and are fully funded at no extra cost to students.  

Dual Pathways allows students to gain different secondary school qualifications depending on their needs. University Entrance, New Zealand Certificate and NCEA level 1, 2 and 3 are all offered through the programme. 

Over 2000 students have enrolled in the programme since Ara started the Dual Pathway programme in 2011, and demand continues to increase year-on-year with over 600 students enrolling in 2018. 

The programme is making a difference to students. Dan Bublik, a year 13 student from Shirley Boys’ High School, has also been studying Digital Technologies through the programme for two years. “At school they have an ICT course, but it doesn’t really cover programming and networking, which is much more specific to my interests,” he says. 

“If I’m having an issue with a project, even after hours I can text or email our [Ara] tutor any time and he’s always happy to help. Before doing this course I was going to go to university and study Computer Science, but I’ve just recently decided to enrol in the Bachelor of Information and Computing technologies at Ara.”   

Courses are delivered at Ara campuses or at schools. “It’s about creating a different learning environment to the school environment,” Emma West, Ara Engagement Manager says. “We want to help students find out what kind of learner they are and what they can do to succeed.”

The Dual Pathway portfolio was designed to meet regional and national economic development needs and employment shortages. Ara is working with industry leaders to ensure students are gaining sought-after skills for further study or employment.  

For a more in-depth look at what Dual Pathway has to offer, taster courses are available as part of the Experience Ara programme.


Celebrating Dual Pathway success at Ara:

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