Building a winning resume

After working in the recruitment and talent management industries for over 25 years I am often asked by people ‘what makes a winning resume’. So here is my 2 cents worth…

The world has changed so fast especially over the last decade and seems to be moving at breakneck speed. There are so many many options and things to think about when looking for a job and they all need attention. Long resumes (CVs) are gone. 1-2 pages of great content is needed.

Remember short does not mean sloppy, your resume is the tool you have to really show that you are professional.

There are really 6 key components to a resume and each one needs to be taken seriously.

  1. The Header Information

  2. Summary / Personal Statement

  3. Your skills Summary

  4. Your Work History

  5. Education

  6. References

The Header Information

Your header information should include the following

  1. Your Name

  2. A Professional email address (not Try to get a good Gmail account or maybe even setup your name on a service like Zoho or

  3. Your Contact Phone number (Mobile is fine)

  4. Then your social media account links (Icons work). Yes employers these days are going to check you out make it easy for them to find you and be very aware that this will happen.

Summary / Personal Statement

Keep it professional describe your experience to date and what you love doing most. This is your ‘90 second pitch’ to that perfect employer or client (If you are a contractor). Your work histroy will also contain some hints into what you are all about.

Your skills Summary

Here you can list the things you are great at and like doing i.e. dont list skills you no longer wish to use.

Your Work History

Be a little more detailed here and list your last five - ten years work experience. If you are just starting out on your career I strongly suggest you ‘volunteer’ as there are plenty of organisations who will give you this experience.

NB: Always include name of organisation, what your job was (title if you had one) and what months/years your worked for this employer.


If you do not have a University degree no need to panic. List your industry related education. Have no industry related training? then best you think about getting some.


If you can list 3-4 work related references. If you are a student looking for work you can also use a tutor but it would also be good to have references from volunteer or work experience employers.

Example CV - Tony Cutting

Need Help?

I like to help 2-3 people a month get their career started so if you need help reach out and contact me. I am happy to accept a koha to guide those who have not yet landed their first job

Tony Cutting
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Tony Cutting

Hi, I am Tony Cutting of Tony Cutting Digital.

I love writing, taking photos and promoting People and Kiwi businesses.

I coach business people on how to grow their business. I am a strong advocate of networking, collaboration, collective marketing, digital marketing and learning how to write and take great images.

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