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Hello Everyone!

I’m Karolina - an enthusiastic and life-loving Polish lady living in New Zealand.  

My childhood was very special because I grew up in a country which was fighting with communism. Therefore, we didn't have many toys to play with, but we had a great time playing outside with our friends. We were building go-carts and tree houses, and were always covered in dirt, but we were happy. We created memories that have warmed me over the years. I believe all of these experiences, built the foundations for my soul, and how I look at the world today.

My family is very talented. My father had a band when he was a handsome young man, and his hands were referred to as golden. He could build and create incredible things. My mother is presently a stain glass artist, and my only brother has a rock band. My passion for photography has evolved from humble beginnings when my gorgeous family arrived to New Zealand in 2012. 

In New Zealand, my older son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and photography was part of our communication. He understands the world easier through images (words and language is something abstract to him). We can communicate using visuals, and since then I’ve totally fallen in love with photography. 

When I arrived in Kapiti, I was new here, didn't know many people, and very often I used myself as a model. I planned my day rigorously in order to fit and shoot my ideas whilst my two boys were napping. Quite often I was running through my house with flower petals glued to my body, or wore strange clothes, and full makeup because some photo idea came to my mind. I was hoping no one would knock on my door during these euphoric episodes of creativity. I loved it, and pushed hard with my passion. 

I then joined various Internet-based photography schools, and studied hard to up skill myself more, and more. Slowly, I started to enter my professional work into various competitions, and to my surprise, they were featured and won awards. I then started to have many people asking if I could serve their photography needs. Consequently, I now have a constant flow of clients. 

Last year I joined the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. I keenly submitted three of my images to the New Zealand Iris Awards. I received Gold with Distinction, Silver with Distinction, and Bronze. I felt like I was over the moon, and made amazing photography friends. My brand and self within the world of photography entered a new dimension. 

I was also invited to represent my work at the World Photographic Cup 2017. However, because of the rules of that event, my resident status didn't allow me to be a part of the New Zealand team at the time. I was humbled and amazed to know my work was good enough to be represented among the world’s best images of 2017. 

I love to create and work with people because they are beautiful. I'm glad I live and breathe in New Zealand because my life has changed so much here...and I'm HAPPY!!!! I look forward to sharing more of my work with you all, and wish you all the success.

Stay creative,

Karolina Stus