To gain meaningful employment in the construction industry, with the aim of eventually operating cranes.

Parents’ Statement

Jackson is on the autism spectrum – specifically he is dyspraxic (processing difficulties) a little bit Aspergers, dyslexic (although he’s a good reader – his writing is appalling) and he has a few other ticks and quirks. He is verbally adroit and very witty, and presents as normal except for the odd ADHD symptom – shuffling feet, not retaining eye contact etc.  

He is a homebody and likes to stay close to his family. He has plenty of friends but they mainly come to our place. He can work well in teams and had two terrific years at Birkenhead College in the curling team which won two North Island championship titles. He was a fierce defender in hockey and played seamlessly in a team featuring much older students. He played rugby until year 9 for Northcote then North Shore and Birkenhead College and was always the strongest in the team, an absolute rock for them to build plays around.

He is usually the life and soul of (small) parties. He is kind and loyal, an animal lover, physically very strong and will do as he’s asked.  

His main obstacle is making instructions stick, so he will require a patient boss. Once he’s got it, he’s got it – but someone will have to clearly explain to him what to do, not over-explain, and perhaps repeat it once or twice. He is head strong and stubborn but always respects the chain of command.  He is actually very clever and may well find quicker/better ways to do things in due course. His persistence can be seen in the fact that he achieved NCEA level three, including in three complex subjects – physics, maths and economics – in spite of his writing difficulties. He is reluctant to ask for help and may have to be prompted to do so in case he flounders.  

In spite of what is assumed about ASD kids Jackson does not have a particular affinity with computers or technology (he barely uses his phone). He thinks he isn’t good with people and a job answering the phone or being front of house is not for him.  

Jackson will turn up to work every day and work all day. When he had his summer labouring job he got up at 0530 every morning without having to be prompted, was always ready ahead of time, didn’t come home till 6pm and never complained about the long hours or hard work.

 jackson mclay

e. mclayjackson@gmail.com
p. (09) 483 3334
m. 028 418 1353


Casual labourer | Timber and Panel Ltd | Jan – Mar 2018

Summer labouring job with duties ranging from demolition to using power tools.

Labourer | Lifestyle Fences | Apr –Jul 2018

Workshop assembly and labouring work until company ran out of work for me.

Labourer | AB Manufacturing Ltd | casual, 2018

Constructing steel canopies including operating machinery at height and using scissor lift. 


NCEA to level 3 | 2017 | Birkenhead College

Subjects included maths, physics and economics to Y13. Sporting awards include hockey, badminton and curling (North Island champion team)


S K I L L S   

I am a strong 20 year old with a restricted drivers licence and a forklift licence. I am punctual and reliable. I can operate a scissor lift and have an affinity with heavy machinery. I am learning to weld.


RICHARD GAZZARD 0275 702 451
Operations manager, welding tutor 

DARREN BEVAN 021 127 4228
Entertainment writer for Stuff.co.nz. I have contributed to his film reviews.