Grace in a work environment 

The first thing to say is that Grace will be very excited if she finds employment.  She very much wants to be working, and she will be grateful if she gets an opportunity.  I think she will bring a positive attitude to work. 

Grace will initially be nervous, but she will settle in.  Aspergers can best be described as an extreme form of shyness with some quirks which are particular to each individual.  Social maturity is often lower than the individual’s chronological age and Aspies (as they often call themselves) can often appear immature for their age.   

After Grace has been trained, I suggest you check in with her in the early days to ensure that she fully understands the tasks.  She is intelligent and well-educated (Grace has post graduate qualifications in Music and has a very broad general knowledge) and she should master the work reasonably quickly. However she might take a superficial approach if she doesn’t understand any complexities. 

Her keyboard and computer skills should be fine.  If she needs to learn more about software like Excel and Word, we have this software at home.  

In the work environment, Grace will work hard, and she will want to do her work correctly.  If there are times when there is no work, she will need clear instructions about what she can and can’t do.  I don’t know if there are restrictions on Internet access, but her natural response to down-time would be to browse. 

Grace will need some help to fit in socially.  She will take an interest in other people and what they get up to.  At the same time, she doesn’t necessarily have the same life experiences and may not follow some conversations.  She has her own interests like music, movies, photography and pets.  She plays in a brass band and goes to photography meet-ups, and a photography club. 

Grace has strong views on some subjects like politics, so she may need to be reminded sometimes that other people are entitled to their own views.   

If she gets angry or frustrated, it would be best to give her an opportunity to calm down, rather than escalate the situation.  The best way to do this is to gently ask her to just walk away for a few minutes.  Grace will do this as a way to calm down in private rather than feeling  that she is being watched and, possibly, judged.   

I think Grace can be successful and productive in a role like this one, and she would love to get the opportunity.

 Grace Carpinter

P. 09 4456709

Personal Statement

  • I have a passion for getting things right – whether this is personal data in a computer, or improving written documents, or providing correct information for a customer.  I find this sort of work absorbing and I pay attention to detail.  My great strengths are in the areas of language and music, and I have developed skills related to these areas.

  • I want to find a position where I can work hard and contribute to an organisation’s goals.


Postgraduate diploma of music ,| university of auckland

  • Major: Composition

  • Completed December, 2016 

Bachelor of Music | 2011 | University of Auckland

  • Major: Composition

Library papers | 2 papers | Open polytechnic

Library Science and Records Management

Cambridge IgCSE + A Levels | 2007 | Senior college of New Zealand

IGCSE x 5.

A-Level in Music, English Language, Classics.

A2 in Music.

Book Editing and Publishing course | 2011 | New Zealand Institute of business studies


Skills & Abilities

  • English: Advanced, with Strong skills in grammar and language

  • Computer software skills:

  • Microsoft Office: Intermediate

  • Microsoft Outlook: Intermediate

  • Microsoft Powerpoint: Intermediate

  • Microsoft Word: Intermediate

  • Internet Browser: Intermediate

  • Microsoft Excel: Beginner

  • Spanish: Intermediate


Interested in: Music (listening, playing, composing), reading books in a range of genres, computers / the Internet.

I have a strong interest in photography

I am curious about the world and I have very broad general knowledge.


Data Entry Temp | New Zealand Blood service | 2011

Digitising Records Assistant | Knowles Consulting Limited Engineering | 2013

Data Entry| Rangitoto College | 2014

General office duties, 3-month contract, foundation of the blind, 2017

PROOF READING VOLUNTEER, FOundation of the BLINd, 2010 - present


·    Cheryle Dyson: Manager at Labtests

·    Maria Stevens: Volunteer Co-Ordinator, Blind Foundation

·    Dr Louise Webster, Starship Hospital and University of Auckland