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David Owen - Artist

Story by Tony Cutting

The Early years
David was born in Bridgend, South Wales.  Mum ‘Nancy’ was a secretary, receptionist and a dedicated mother.  Dad ‘John’ is a Manager with a background in safety training and co-ordination.  He has a sister ‘Joy’ and a brother ‘Richard’.

He went to a very small welsh primary school, St David’s, which he describes as very small, located in a rural area, surrounded by fields.  He enjoyed painting and drawing at school.

Secondary School
David attended Hutt Valley High School and always preferred the creative stuff while at college.  “I loved Art, Art History, Biology, and English”

Major achievement “Surviving intact”

Wellington School of Design (Polytech)
David Enjoyed Illustration the most while at design school.

Work History
His first job was at Lower Hutt Library, he was there for six years. Then a year as packaging designer at UEB, also in Lower Hutt.

After three years of Design school he worked at Wellington Newspapers as a graphic designer/illustrator for fourteen years. This involved creating retail ads and editorial illustrations for press.

David ended up at Weta Digital helping create special effects for King Kong, Tin Tin, Hobbit, Avatar, Lovely Bones, Xmen and loads of others. He worked at Weta for nearly eleven years until the long hours and long commute got too much.

“Now I paint, do a bit of illustration and my wife and I do some housecleaning to earn a bit extra.”

“I love the independence, no commuting, the chance to follow through on my own creative ideas rather than follow someone else’s direction”

What do you do outside of work?
“Song writing, gardening, bike riding”

Major Achievements? 
David stated he has had several exhibitions of artwork over the years, and this will continue.   Has seen recently increasing sales of his paintings.

“I have two great children, they are the best thing I’ve done so far!"
“I have been lucky enough to have some interesting jobs in my life and now will have a go at being independently creative”

Thinking forward what does the future have in store for you?

“I will continue to pursue this creative direction and see where it takes me. First and foremost, though, I must put food on the table.”

I wish David all the best.  Look at his work and I think you will agree he is on the right path.

You will find his art at www.davidowen.co.nz