Belinda has two health based businesses well worth checking out.  Aroha Acupuncture & Drion NZ.

BEliNDa falconar


Belinda Falconar practises acupuncture in Waikanae and is also the distributor of Drion sanitary products nationwide. She has a focus on women’s health issues and is concerned about the effects of toxic chemicals in most sanitary products that women are unwittingly exposing themselves to.


After raising a family and running a small business with her first husband, Belinda then took a job as a sales manager for a Wellington  office furniture business. After 10 years she became burned out and looked to alternative therapies to bring her back into balance.

Loving acupuncture so much, Belinda enrolled in a 4-year study of acupuncture at the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Wellington. She graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Acupuncture and two diplomas in 2009.  

She then established Aroha Acupuncture and has grown the business at Ghuznee Street so it now provides a range of therapies including Arvigo and Craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, functional medicine and therapeutic massage to treat a wide range of conditions including ACC injuries, pain and chronic conditions, adrenal fatigue, addictions, stress & weight management and the full range of women’s health issues.

Belinda moved to the Kapiti Coast in 2016 and set up an Aroha clinic in Waikanae, there being no fully qualified TCM acupuncturists in the area.

As a health practitioner Belinda encountered many women dealing with pain and discomfort in their menstrual cycles. This led Belinda on a quest to source chemical free sanitary pads that were both absorbent and comfortable to wear. After being dissatisfied with the options then available in New Zealand, an Australian colleague recommended she try Drion pads and liners.

After experiencing their benefits first hand, Belinda was so impressed that she began supplying them to clients. In 2014, Belinda established Drion NZ and began importing and distributing Drion products (Day & Night pads & Pantiliners) into New Zealand. 

“I figured what’s not to like about Drion pads. They are ultra absorbent, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and hygienic - every pad and liner is individually sealed and contained in re-sealable packs. Technologically advanced, all Drion pads contain a green strip infused with far infrared rays and negative ions that support vaginal health and menstrual comfort.“

"I’m passionate about Drion products and the difference they make in women’s lives. With the free vaginal PH test kit in every pack, Drion is encouraging women to take positive steps in regards to their vaginal health. Many cultures acknowledge menstrual cycles as a vital part of life, a blessing not a curse, and I’d dearly love NZ society to loosen its rigidity and do the same!" she tells me. 

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Outside of business Belinda enjoys going to the gym, gardening, watching good stuff on TV, being a grandmother and connecting with family and friends. 

When I asked Belinda what she regarded as her major achievements so far she replied with;

"Embracing my ‘mid-life crisis’ and taking on new challenges"
"Setting up Aroha Acupuncture and developing it to become a well-known acupuncture business and brand”
"Taking on the Drion business and developing a market and a brand identity for the product"
"Developing an identity as a health professional and women’s health advocate"
"Finding a wonderful loving and supportive husband!"
"Becoming a grandmother!"
Thinking about the future?

Apart from wanting more time to devote to her acupuncturist practice, Belinda would like Drion sanitary products to become a household brand for health conscious people, and she would love more time to enjoy recreational pursuits around the Kapiti Coast like walking, cycling and hanging out at the beach! 


I am lucky enough to be working with Belinda both as a member of the Kapiti Now business collective and as a patient in her acupuncture practice.  Throughout my life I have found acupuncture to be one of the best ways of healing my body (I used it extensively during my sporting years).  I am so glad this lady with a passion for health and well-being has landed in Waikanae, she loves sharing what she knows, she is caring, very helpful and inspiring - I do personally recommend her to everyone I know.

Looking forward to working with you well into the future Belinda - Tony C

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